The Viessmann 222-A uses a monobloc design but with an outdoor unit and an indoor unit with a pre-packaged cylinder

The connection between the two units is a with water-carrying line so FGas is not needed

This compact appliance also includes an integral 220 litre DHW cylinder.

The acoustic properties of the outdoor units for the Vitocal 222-A comply with advanced acoustic design (AAD) specifications. The result is barely audible.

In conjunction with intelligent speed control, the high grade, sound-optimised fan significantly contributes to reducing airborne noise in full and partial load operation.

Low frequencies that are generally perceived as a nuisance in conventional heat pumps are largely prevented.

With a sound pressure level of only 35 dB(A) at a distance of three metres (night mode), the outdoor unit (with a fan) of the new Vitocal 222-A compact air source heat pump is one of the quietest units of its kind.

There are 6 sizes in the model range from 4kW to 16kW

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