When installing a Blauberg MVHR system the selection of the right components is very important. Blauberg offer the BLAUFAST range of ancillaries which fully complements the domestic MVHR range.

The modular air distribution system BLAUFAST is based on compact corrugated air ducts with the diameter of 63 and 75 mm made of impact-resistant plastic.

Energy saving ventilation is easy and fast to arrange with BLAUFAST. It is applied in houses and apartments and is suitable both for brand new construction or renovation. In contrast to standard ventilation system to be mounted exclusively in the ceiling or walls the BLAUFAST system has wider mounting possibilities.

The air ducts are suitable for ceiling, floor or wall mounting. The assembly is easy and cost-effective.

BLAUFAST offers all the components required to complete the project including semi-rigid air ducts, insulated air ducts, air distribution manifolds, air valves, silencers, elbows, coupling sets, wall and ceiling mounted connector in metal and plastic, floor mounted connectors and grilles, plastic ducts, ventilation hoods etc.

If you are unsure of all the components required, why not use our Design Service, that will design and put together the project requirements for you.


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