Boiler Upgrade Scheme – ‘BUS’

The RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) outlined further down this page, came to an end on 31st March 2022.

The new incentive is the Boiler Upgrade Scheme “BUS”

The Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) launched in spring 2022 to aid the decarbonisation of buildings. It will provide upfront capital grants to support the installation of heat pumps, and in some circumstances biomass boilers, in homes and some non-domestic buildings. The BUS will be open only to properties located in England and Wales.

Currently the grant is £5000 for Air Source Heat-pumps and £6000 for Ground Source Heat-pumps. This funding will be for approximately 30,000 heat-pumps per year, lasting for 3 years.


The RHI at this moment is due to continue until the end of March 2022 and the available tariffs are as per the link below from the Ofgem website.

As the existing Renewable Heat Incentive scheme comes towards an end there are thoughts that this will be replaced by the Clean Heat Grant which is currently under consultation and soon as we have any further details on this scheme we will keep you updated.

Heat pumps have now become an established heating technology and there are an increasing number of people changing to this technology when upgrading their systems, delivering fuel savings and also the reducing carbon impact. If you would like to discuss your opportunities please contact us on 0191 516 6554