Clivet Edge EVO 2.0

Product Code: 78510004
Product Code: 78510004

​​​​​​​Clivet is a well established Italian company and the Clivet Edge Evo 2.0 EXC is a new range of R32 heat pumps from the Midea family.

These are high performing, very reliable, robust and well priced Air Source Heat Pumps.

All the units are fully integrated with pumps, expansion vessels, strainer and DHW sensor included.

The range covers from 4kW to 16kW and they are all single fan units so very compact and they are all MCS approved.

The units are listed on the ENA Database and are all Connect and Notify

The installation and commissioning is very simple and the Clivet warranty is for 7 years.

Secon can give installers full technical support on this unit and there is a Quick Start guide included in the PDF link below.


Introduction to the Clivet R32 unit


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