CTC EcoAir 510M & 520M

2-10kW Single Phase Inverter Driven

4.9-22kW Three Phase Inverter Driven

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The CTC EcoAir 510M and 520M are variable speed inverter driven air source heat pumps that adapts automatically to the building's output requirements. Output is increased as required by increasing the speed of the inverter driven compressor and as less output is required the speed of the compressor is reduced.

The design is based on the tried and tested EcoAir 400 range with same high-quality finish, excellent design and attention to detail. The focus of development was to retain the popular properties that characterise the EcoAir family whilst taking full advantage of the inverter driven variable speed compressor. The result is a product that adapts to the heating demand and that has very high COP values and low sound levels.

CTC EcoAir 510M and 520M have been optimised to make the best possible use of the environmentally friendly energy in the air. It converts the energy in the air into heat and hot water without the need for any boreholes or coils in the ground. The CTC EcoAir 510M and 520M have on-demand automatic defrost that provides more heat, more output and a longer service life. The CTC EcoAir 510M and 520M are of course fitted with a heated condensation water tray.

Data Specification

CTC EcoAir 510M & 520M