CTC EcoAir 610M range

2.5-22kW Three Phase (Please call for prices)

CTC EcoAir 600M is a series of ultra-efficient, speed controlled air to water heat pumps which automatically adapt to the heating needs of houses, properties or small industrial premises during the year. When high output is required, the output increases. When less output is required, the compressor shifts to lower output. This means that you will always achieve maximum savings. CTC EcoAir 600 is optimised to make the best possible use of eco-friendly energy in the air. It converts energy in the air into heating and hot water, and does not require boreholes or coils in the ground. CTC EcoAir 600M has automatic defrosting, which results in more heat, more power and a

longer service life. CTC EcoAir 600M is equipped with a condensation tray with a built-in heater as standard.

Data Specification

CTC EcoAir 610M range