CTC EcoHeat 400 range with DHW cylinder

6, 8, 10 and 12kW Single Phase

The CTC EcoHeat 400 range of ground source heat pumps and integral thermal store offer an extremely efficient solution for space heating and hot water generation. Absorbing energy from the ground, boreholes or water the CTC EcoHeat 400 raises the collected energy temperature by means of a refrigeration circuit providing higher temperatures to the heating system. With a thermal baffle the lower section of the thermal store is heated to temperatures required for heating whilst the upper section of the thermal store is heated to a higher temperature to satisfy the hot water demand. This temperature differential maintains a high operating COP.

CTC EcoHeat 400 is housed in a stylish white steel cabinet and is complete with a 4.3 inch colour touch screen controller with EnergyFlex CTC’s versatile control philosophy. A 146 mm high vanity cover is fitted to the top of the EcoHeat 400 to cover the heating connections and equipment. Covers 480 mm and 580 mm are also available.

Thanks to a newly developed refrigeration circuit with an electronically controlled expansion valve and highly efficient compressor the EcoHeat 400 boasts excellent efficiency with COP’s in excess of 5 (see data table). The compressor and refrigeration components are housed in a separate sound insulated unit. This provides exceptionally low noise levels, below 48dB(A) making it one of the quietest heat pumps ever developed. The cooling module can be removed from the EcoHeat 400 making maintenance of the refrigeration components much easier as well as aiding installation.

With up to two fully weather compensated heating circuits the EcoHeat 400 can be used with radiators, convectors or underfloor heating with both circuits having different flow temperatures. The circuit with the higher flow temperature is controlled by the 4 port mixing valve supplied with the EcoHeat 400 and the additional circuit would be controlled by a three port mixing valve and pump supplied as an accessory. Constant even heat distribution to the heat emitters ensures consistent comfort levels as well as reducing expansion and contraction noise from the heating system associated with fluctuating flow temperatures.

With a built-in copper coil providing copious amounts of hot water the CTC EcoHeat 400 is ideal for small and medium sized developments. With very low stored water quantities, below 6 litres, there is no risk of legionella and costly disinfection cycles are not required.

CTC has developed the EnergyFlex control philosophy giving the freedom to add additional heat sources to CTC systems and with two ingenious connections it is possible to add additional heat sources including solar panels or a water jacketed stove. It is also possible to add swimming pool heating to the EcoHeat 400.


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CTC EcoHeat 400 range with DHW cylinder