CTC EcoPart 400 range

6-14kW Single Phase

6-17kW Three Phase

CTC’s EcoPart 400 range of ground source heat pumps offer an extremely efficient solution for space heating and hot water generation. Absorbing energy from the ground, boreholes or water the CTC EcoPart 400 raises the collected energy temperature by means of a refrigeration circuit providing higher temperatures to the heating system.

Thanks to a newly developed refrigeration circuit with an electronically controlled expansion valve and highly efficient compressor the EcoPart 400 boasts excellent efficiency with COP’s in excess of 5 (see data table). The compressor and refrigeration components are housed in a separate sound insulated unit. This provides exceptionally low noise levels, making it one of the quietest heat pumps ever developed. Connections for both brine and heating circuits at the rear, top and left and right sides of the heat pump offer the installer a highly flexible solution for new or existing installations.

Data Specification

CTC EcoPart 400 range