CTC Ecopart 600M inverter driven range

2.5-16kW Three Phase

CTC EcoPart 600M adapts automatically to the building’s output requirements during the year. When high output is required, the output increases. When less output is required, the compressor shifts to lower output. This means that you will always achieve maximum savings.

CTC EcoPart 600M is a compact heat pump that delivers the performance you would expect. With COP in excess of 5 (see data table) and low noise operation it is ideal for even the smallest of locations. CTC EcoPart 600M comes in two models, which means it can be used in most properties: 612M with an output range of 2.5-12 kW and 616M with 4-16 kW.

CTC EcoPart is flexible and is designed to be connected to new or existing systems. And it’s no problem if you have an old heat pump that needs to be replaced, since the product automatically adapts to the existing borehole. Ground, bedrock and lakes are used as heat sources. The brine system can easily be connected to the right, left, top or rear of the heat pump.

Compact physical size allows easy installation even in the tightest of spaces. If you need very large volumes of hot water and heating, the perfect solution is to install CTC EcoPart 600M together with the CTC EcoZenith i550 Pro indoor module. This combination will give you a complete heat pump system with control and hot water heating and with a capacity of more than 600 litres of 40°C hot water. Plus, the system can be expanded with pool and solar heating.

If you would like to connect CTC EcoPart 600M to your existing installation, just add the CTC EcoLogic Pro/Family control module. For particularly large energy requirements, up to ten heat pumps can be run together.

Data Specification

CTC Ecopart 600M inverter driven range