CTC EcoPart XL

25 and 30kW Single Phase

25, 30 and 30kW Three Phaase

CTC’s EcoPart XL range of ground source heat pumps offer an extremely efficient solution for space heating and hot water generation. Absorbing energy from the ground, borehole or water the CTC EcoPart XL raises the collected energy temperature by means of the refrigeration circuit providing higher temperatures to the heating system.

Using two cooling modules the CTC EcoPart XL is able to increase power in three stages resulting in a smoother operation, adapting to the different capacity requirements of the building. Reducing the number of start/stop cycles and using class A Low Energy Pumps for brine and heating circuits improve the efficiency of the EcoPart XL.

With the built in EcoLogic Pro Controller the i-Pro version is able to control up to 10 compressors, 4 heating circuits, solar panels, borehole recharging, swimming pool as well as other options. The EcoLogic controller can control a single installation of up to 5 EcoPart XL units with a combined nominal output of 175 kW.

The EcoPart XL range include the 425 and 430 (25 & 30 kW nominal outputs) in single phase, possibly the largest output single phase heat pump available and 425, 430 and 435 (25, 30 & 35 kW nominal outputs) in three phase.

A newly developed refrigeration circuit with an electronically controlled expansion valve and efficient compressor the EcoPart XL 400 boasts excellent efficiency with COP’s as high as 5. The compressor and refrigeration components are housed in a separate removable sound insulated unit which provides exceptionally low noise levels below 46dB(A) making it one of the quietest heat pumps ever developed.



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CTC EcoPart XL