Design Service

Unlike some other UFH companies, we do not expect a firm order from you before we do a “free” design

Unlike some other well known suppliers, we do not have a two week waiting list for “free design”

Unlike some other suppliers, we do not expect a deposit for a “free” design

Unlike some competitors, we do not estimate your requirements based on square feet when we prepare a quote and then follow up with a proper revised quote when you place your order

The Secon UFH design service is very simple:-

Send us your plans, preferably in PDF format (it helps if you can tell us where the manifold is going and some basic information about the property), and we will produce a FREE, no obligation, floor design.

This is usually done next day. You then have a chance to review the design and approve or amend the layout.

Once we have a design that you are satisfied with we will produce a quotation that takes in to account the heat source, the floor type, the system requested, the pipe size, manifold requirements and controls.

Upon receipt of an order we can also supply a full cutting list to make things easier on site

The feedback from our customers is that our service is quicker and more accurate than our competitors and our UFH packages are very competitively priced with high quality components.

Please telephone 0191 516 6554  if you would like to discuss your project with one of our technical team.

Design Service