Distribution Low Loss Headers (Insulated)

Product Code: 78061235
Product Code: 78061235

Distribution Low Loss Header

This unit is prepared for 2, 3 or 4 heating circuits.

The whole set consists of the unit itself, the air-vent, drain valve, and the two brackets to place the header on.

Horizontal SKE distribution low loss

Distribution low loss header (SKE) separates the boiler cycle from the heating cycle. SKEs are usually applied in medium or high power rating heating systems (practically, from 25 kW upwards), comprised of one or more boilers, particularly those comprised of several heating cycles (e.g. floor heating cycle + radiator heating cycle + hot utility water heating cycle). In a condensed version, an additional INOX guide is build-in significantly separating hot and cold water flows. As a consequence return water temperature is reduced helping condense devices to reach higher efficiency. Moreover, thanks to inserted neodymium magnet separator (SMART), it stops tiny magnetic shards from being spread into the whole system, something which is directly responsible for causing rust and corrosion.


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    SKE 2DC+ 35kW
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