Dry/Joisted Systems

There are various systems that can be used for dry installations and these can be used on joisted and solid floor projects.

The Heat Diffusion Plate system can be installed directly on top of suspended timber floor joists or on floor battens. The aluminium Heat Diffusion Plates lay flush across the joists or battens, providing a minimum build-up height, creating 100% contact with the floor covering and even heat distribution. As it is recommended that suitable insulation is provided beneath the Heat Diffusion Plates, these can also be provided with 30mm EPS Insulation that sits between the floor joists, held by wooden battens or can sit on an existing floor between floor battens.

The Universal EPS 30mm system is a high density EPS insulation that is suitable for all stable substrates of concrete, timber etc. but also can be laid on top of insulation. The Universal EPS 30mm panels are suitable for both 16mm an 20mm pipe and are laid with an independent aluminium distribution plate to promote even heat distribution.

The Routed Chipboard system is an ideal solution for new construction and renovation projects re-placing traditional chipboard/floorboard areas. The Routed Chipboard system consists of a 22 mm routed board which is then laid in the same way as normal flooring construction chipboard. The board is designed to be installed aluminium heat distribution plates at 200mm centres with a 16mm pipe.


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Dry/Joisted Systems