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Product Description

Fernox Powerflushing Filter

The Powerflushing Filter provides a fast and easy way to remove contaminants from system water during flushing. Simple to connect, the filter significantly increases powerflushing efficiency thereby reducing time spent on-site.

The filter controls the flow of water to give a longer contact time within the cylinder, which allows the maximum amount of black

iron oxide to be extracted by the powerful magnet from the water. Developed to ensure that even at maximum capacity, the water circulates without restriction. Additional benefits also include a built-in bypass which enables the magnet to be cleaned without the need to stop the powerflushing process even temporarily. On cleaning of the magnet the filter provides an impressive visual aid to show the householder the level of contaminant removed and therefore confirming the need to powerflush in order to protect the systems longevity.



Product Code

Fernox Powerflushing Filter

Product Code 61052160