Filterball with thermometer

Product Code: 78901320
Product Code: 78901320

The Impel filter ball valve is a single unit that is not only isolation valve but also provides system filtration through an integrated stainless-steel filter.

A heating system contains many particles and varying layers of dirt and magnetite. These form coatings on system components and adversely affect Edit Product service life. Dirt and foreign particles require the premature replacement of key components, which translates into increased and unnecessary costs.

Component contamination also reduces the system capacity, resulting in increased power consumption to deliver an equiva­lent heating level and thus increased costs.

The new filter ball with thermometer allows you to monitor flow or return temperatures whilst protecting the key component part of the system.

By installing the FBV system debris can be reduced to a minimum, whilst filtration becomes simple and easy!

The FBV and FBVM ranges keeps the return connections of the heat generator clean ensuring that the system always operates at its optimum efficiency and reduces wear on internal components thus extending the service life.

Most importantly, during service the filter ball valve is serviced and cleaned easily, safely and quickly. All features in a single valve!

The FBV range has an integrated stainless-steel strainer.


Filterball valve with thermometer

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    FBV – 488-20
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