Itron CF Echo ll Ultrasonic Heat Meter – Mains option

Product Code: 70010015
Product Code: 70010015
** Mains powered 
The CF-Echo offers the very latest Ultrasonic metering technology. Its compact design with no moving parts safeguards it from wear and damage from particles - ensuring product longevity and low ownership costs. Exceeding the requirements of EN1434 Class2 and MID the CF-Echo II is ideal for metered billing and RHI monitoring. Compliant with MID and EN1434 Class2
  • No moving parts
  • Tolerant to particulate matter
  • Supplied as a complete system
  • Battery or mains powered
Offering a wide flow range the CF-Echo combines the benefits of an Ultrasonic meter element with the advanced functions and communications options of the state-of-the-art CF integrated energy calculator. Supplied as a complete energy system with Flowmeter, Supply and Return Temperature Sensors (matched pair) and Energy Calculator the CF-Echo II ensures reliability, accuracy and exceptional value for money.

Electronic adjustment within the CF-Echo enhances the system performance and guarantees a measuring accuracy well in excess of the EN1434 Class 2 and MID requirements.

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