Low Profile Systems

Within refurbishment projects one of the biggest challenges is working with existing floor finishes and trying not to affect the finished floor levels. As a more traditional system can add 50-60mm to a floor level with a screed finish, options around low level are becoming increasingly utilised. There are both ‘dry’ and ‘wet’ options available.

The Compact system is a dry system designed for low overall height and quick response, using a 10.5mm pipe in a 4 track, 150mm centre high density EPS insulation with a 0.5mm aluminium bonded distribution plate the system gives an overall height build-up of 14mm. The Compact system can be used as a floating floor for timber floors or fixed system using Flex Fix adhesive for a tiled floor. The system has the option of a 24mm EPS insulation for use with 16mm pipe.

The Clima Comfort system is a versatile low-profile system that supports all flooring types. Based on a minimum design height of 17mm it is especially useful for renovation projects. Using a 10.5mm pipe in a honeycomb castellation panel, this allows a self-levelling fibre screed (FLOW) to create a solid thermal mass. The Clima Comfort system is a product with structural strength and rapid thermal response times at a low installation height.


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Low Profile Systems