When choosing a heat recovery ventilation system for your house, it is important to consider the amount of heat you would like to recover and the money you would like to save. Large amounts of heat (up to 90%) can be recovered with an MVHR system that would normally be wasted using traditional ventilation systems such as extractor fans and trickle vents. All this for less than £30 a year in energy costs (in an average 4 bedroom house).

Clean, filtered, warm air is a must for any new or refurbished home and needs to be supplied, along with extracting condensation, high levels of humidity, and dirty air. A Blauberg heat recovery unit will do just that.

A correctly sized MHVR mechanical extract & supply air system is a whole-house ventilation solution. It slowly and quietly extracts air from your kitchen, utility room, bathrooms, toilet & wet rooms. It also recovers high levels of heat and feeds it with fresh, clean air into your living and bedrooms continuously.

Blauberg heat recovery units can ventilate automatically; increasing air circulation when humidity, co2, dust, and condensation levels get high and operate silently at night, so as not to disturb a peaceful deep sleep. Wi-Fi, Alexa, and other home automation options are supplied as standard on most MVHR models giving you full control whether you are at home or away.

Designing a ventilation system is a big job, especially when there are important considerations such as building regulations, energy assessment, heat recovery options and now the new COVID 19 recommendations by The UK Government.

Whether you are upgrading your existing ventilation to include a whole house MVHR system, building a new home or have projects that require compliant ventilation, Blauberg UK understand that a professional design will give you peace of mind that all the boxes have been ticked

We offer several design packages; all will guide you through the necessary steps to provide you with Building Regulation compliant drawings. From a simple extractor fan design in kitchens, bathrooms & wet rooms, to full heat recovery ventilation systems for flats, apartments, new builds and multi occupancy dwellings.