What is a Hitachi PAC System?

A PAC or Packaged Air Conditioner is a unit between 5 and 25KW designed for commercial environments. They come with wired controls as standard and features that make them ideal for offices, shops and larger premises.

What is Global PAC?

Global PAC is a new highly competitive and simplified product for applications where a one to one system is needed with lots of features plus simplicity of installation and use.

What is Utopia IVX?

Utopia IVX is an extremely advanced product with a common indoor unit range shared by both Comfort, Premium and ducted outdoor units and also the Sigma Set Free VRF outdoor models. Lots of features make this an extremely flexible product range.

Control Flexibility

All Global PAC models come with a wired weekly timer controller. This price list also includes this feature for Utopia IVX systems but they also have the flexibility to control multiple units from the same controller, use centralised controls and many other potential options including BMS and internet.

Flexibility and Choice

Global PAC models can give up to 50m separation between indoor and outdoor and are particularly suitable for R22 replacement as the 10KW and larger models use 3/8” and 3/4” pipework. They are optimised for one to one installations while Utopia IVX systems offer much greater flexibility and pipe separations of up to 100 metres.

1ph or 3ph power supply?

Global PAC systems are either 1ph or 3ph with power to outdoors first and then three core and earth interconnecting cable. Utopia IVX models up to 14KW in this price list are all shown with 1ph Comfort outdoor units but 3ph Comfort models are also available as are Premium and Ducted models.

We can also price for IVX twin, triple and quad systems as well as Set Free VRF systems too.