PAW Hydraulic Separator DN20 up to 950l/h

Product Code: 26002095
Product Code: 26002095
Hydraulic separator DN 20 up to 950 1/h
completely made of brass, with separate flow and return line, to be mounted under a single HeatBIoC DN 20. The EPP insulation is integrated in the HeatBIoC.

Can also be installed under a distribution manifold DN 20 (with mounting plate item no. 3125) or separately in the pipe. For separate installation, two additional union nuts item no. 2055 are required and the insulation must be provided on site.

3/4 PAW flange for nut 1(top)
3/4 internal thread x 1 external thread, flat-sealing (bottom)
2 X 3/4 internal thread, sealed with plug (to the side)

Width = 260 mm
Installation height = 80 mm
Centre distance = 90 mm
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