PAW Return Flow Maintenance Sets - DN20

Product Code: 23202002
Product Code: 23202002
• for heating systems with return flow temperature maintenance
• for solid fuel boilers, wood firing and stove heating systems
The pump set prevents the temperature in the boiler from falling under the dew point, thus reducing contamination of the boiler. The pump set is installed between the burner tank and the boiler. The actuator PM2 is controlled by an external controller. The actuator opens the 3-way valve as soon as the boiler circuit has reached the set opening temperature, then the pump can charge the tank. The pump sets DN 40 and DN 50 with pumps DN 32 are delivered with reducer flanges.
Actuator - Technical data
Electrical connection: 230 V / 50 Hz
Input power: 3,5 W
Torque: 5 Nm (DN 20)/10 Nm (DN 25-DN 50)
Setting time for 90°: 140 s

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