Radiana® is the UK’s number one ceiling system. The company developed a cutting edge radiant ceiling system that is perfect for heat pumps to cool buildings silently and discreetly.

A Radiana® system can be installed with ease thanks to extensive R&D allowing standard 8 x 4 foot British Gypsum plasterboard to carry their hydronic climate control system.

Radiana® has provided the UK market with the optimum distribution method for a heat pump, and continues to help British buildings become more efficient, comfortable, and sustainable.

Radiana® 3D (Radiant Ceiling Heating & Cooling) The 3D system is better for comfort than traditional air conditioning and fan coil units. It provides an excellent heating and cooling experience when installed with a heat pump.

Using water pipes embedded into plasterboard, the Radiana® 3D system works by controlling the ceiling temperature, which then radiates evenly onto all the surfaces in the room, creating the perfect environment, silently and without being visible or blowing air at you, like air conditioning or fan coil units.

You can use Radiana in several ways.

One neat suggestion is to have traditional UFH downstairs but use Radiana 3D upstairs to do heating and cooling. UFH is sometimes a bit problematic upstairs and usually cooling is mainly needed upstairs only during the summer

The Radiana system has sophisticated controls that can detect the dew point so will adjust the system to avoid creating condensation.

Radiana is sold as a Project Package so each job is priced separately. Contact Secon for more information