Resol AM1 Alarm module

Product Code: 13050010
Product Code: 13050010
 The Alarm module AM1 is designed to signal system failures. It is to be connected to the VBus® of the controller and issues an optical signal via the red LED if a failure has occurred. The AM1 also has a potential-free relay output, which can e. g. be connected to a building management system (BMS). Thus, a collective error message can be issued in the case of a system failure.

Depending on the controller and the sensors connected, different fault conditions can be signalled, e. g. sensor failures, excess or negative system pressure as well as errors in the flow rate, such as a dry run of the pump.

The Alarm module AM1 ensures that occurring failures can be immediately recognised and repaired, even if the system and the controller are difficult to access or located in a remote place. Thus, the reliability and the stable yield of the system are ensured.

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