Resol DeltaTherm FK Solid Fuel Boiler Controller

Product Code: 11060030
Product Code: 11060030
The DeltaTherm® FK Solid fuel boiler controller has been especially developed for systems with solid fuel boilers, water heating stoves or pellet stove heating systems. With the integrated PWM outputs, the DeltaTherm® FK can manage the speed control of two high-efficiency pumps. With its easily configurable optional functions, the versatile software allows e. g. for the control of an electronic mixer for the return mixing function, a thermostatic afterheating, a target temperature control function and many more.
  • 2 relay outputs, 4 temperature sensor inputs
  • 2 PWM outputs for the speed control of high-efficiency pumps
  • Control of an electronic mixer for the return mixing function
  • Heating backup
  • Heat exchange function
  • Thermostatic afterheating
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