Resol DeltaTherm HC Heating Controller

Product Code: 11060020
Product Code: 11060020
  • 9 pre-configured basic systems and pre-programmed optional functions
  • 30 pre-programmed schemes for the temperature controls classes II, III, V, VI, VII and VIII
  • Up to 5 EM extension modules can be connected via the RESOL VBus® (39 sensors and 30 relays in total), up to 6 mixed heating circuits
  • 2 inputs for digital Grundfos Direct Sensors
  • Screed drying function
  • Data logging, storing and firmware updates via SD memory card
  • Modulating heating control with 0-10 V boiler control
  • Weather-compensated control with room influence or demand-based room control with up to 5 room temperature sensors
  • Remote access with a room control unit or the VBus®Touch HC 
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