After the heat pump, the next large ticket item of an installation is the domestic hot water cylinder. As a supplier of air source and ground source heat pumps at Secon, we are constantly looking to help our installers with their installation options.

We have recognised that due to the market's rapid growth, more pressure is being applied to installers to complete installations quickly, so Secon is pleased to announce the addition of a range of pre-plumbed heat pump cylinders to complement our current Secon product offer.

The latest edition is a pre-plumbed heat pump cylinder complete with a built-in 3-port diverting valve, automatic air vent, pressure gauge, cold-water inlet group, temperature, pressure relief valve and 3kW immersion heater. This product's main aim is to help reduce installation time whilst giving a compact and tidy appearance.

The initial product range covers slimline pre-plumbed heat pump cylinders aimed at the new-build and refurbishment markets where the cylinder cupboards have been designed around traditional pre-insulated style cylinders and space is restricted. With volumes of 150, 170 and 200 litres, there is a cylinder option to cover the majority of properties.

Using 316L stainless steel for the large surface area smooth tube heat exchange coil, metallic grey rigid case, and branded components, the cylinders are manufactured to the highest quality.

The cylinders are compatible with most major brands of heat pumps and offer a simple, compact solution that saves the installer time and cost on the project.
With plans to increase the range in the future, we will be providing further solutions to our customer base that will give them the support they need in a rapidly changing and expanding industry.