Secon Trade Solar Readymix 10L and 20L

Product Code: 61060510
Product Code: 61060510

Secon Trade Solar Readymix 10L and 20L . Non Toxic Premixed mono propylene glycol based heat transfer medium for solar heating applications with organic corrosion inhibitors to protect against high temperature degradation and low temperature conditions within solar panel installations.

The Edit Product is inhibited without the use of borates, nitrites, amines, silicates and phosphates. Corrtec Solar Fluid is formulated to withstand extreme temperature above 180°C during period stagnation within solar collectors. The fluid is produced to provide freeze protection to -20°C. The Edit Product is suitable for both evacuated tube and flat plate solar heating systems.

  • Provides excellent efficiency and extends system life
  • Non-Toxic, environmentally friendly
  • Stable at extreme temperatures 


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