Vitosol 200-FM 1 panel in roof kit

Product Code: 93720011
Product Code: 93720011

Flat plate kit based on Viessmann 200-FM SV2G solar thermal collector. The kit is totally complete and is designed for in-roof installation on a pantile, plain tile or slate roof.

Kit includes:

  • Vitosol 200-FM SV2G portrait panel
  • Viessmann Connection Set
  • Viessmann Connection Pipes (pair) to connect 2 or more panels
  • Viessmann Collector Sensor pocket
  • Viessmann roof fixing kit – pantile or plain tile/slate
  • Spare parts set
  • Resol high efficiency twin line pumpstation with integrated SLL controller OR
  • Paw high efficiency twin line pumpstation & separate Resol CS4 controller (need to specify)
  • Expansion vessel 18L
  • Expansion vessel mounting kit
  • Discharge container
  • Discharge hose
  • Solar Fluid
  • 2 in 2 insulated DN16 10m (15m or 25m available for additional cost)
  • Flexipipe Brackets
  • DN16 Backnut, circlip & washer
  • DN16 Coupling set
  • Self-Seal Double Nipple DN16 x ¾”
  • Clamping Screw ¾” x 22mm
  • Smooth Tube Adaptor DN16 x 22mm
  • High Temperature Insulation 19mm x 22mm
  • SP10 Lightning protector
  • Lead base flashing – single silicone boot (pair)

Please note that the quantities of the above items may vary according to the number of tubes in the kit


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