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Introducing the Ideal Logic Air Monobloc R32 Heat Pump, the cutting-edge solution from Ideal Heating, harnessing the power of R32 refrigerant for superior efficiency in both heating and hot water production. Engineered for excellence, the Ideal Logic Air redefines low carbon heating for homes across the UK.

Drawing from the acclaimed Logic boiler series, the Logic Air heat pump seamlessly integrates into UK households. Paired with Ideal Heating's single and two-zone pre-plumbed hot water cylinders and the innovative Halo Air room thermostat, the Logic Air ensures swift installation, hassle-free commissioning, and intuitive operation.

Versatile and adaptable, the Ideal Logic Air is perfect for new builds, social housing, and retrofit projects, offering a seamless fit when coupled with an Ideal Pre-plumbed cylinder.

Backed by Ideal's renowned customer service and warranty team, based in the UK and available 364 days a year, you can trust in comprehensive support and technical assistance for your Ideal Heating heat pump investment.

Unlock the future of energy-efficient heating with the Ideal Logic Air Monobloc R32 Heat Pump – the pinnacle of performance and reliability in the industry.

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Ideal Logic Air Monobloc R32 Heat Pump

Product Code 78501510

The Ideal Logic Air heat pump range is the new range of R32 monobloc heat pumps from Ideal Heating, offering great efficiencies both in heating and hot water.