Resol SBS 2000 Filling and Flushing Station 240v

Product Code: 62010002
Product Code: 62010002

 For solar thermal pros, filling and flushing solar thermal systems is a day-to-day business. The SBS 2000 is the ideal companion for a professional performance its many thought-out details facilitate transport, operation and cleaning. The large, smooth-running wheels and the ergonomic handlebar make it easy to manoeuvre the station even when it's full. The robust 30-litre tank is semi-transparent, visualising the filling level at any time. The SBS 2000 filling and flushing station can be used with water, water-glycol mixtures and cleaning fluids. Of course, the SBS 2000 is also suitable for filling and flushing conventional heating systems.

  •     Robust and durable
  •     Powerful pump
  •     Easy handling and cleaning
  •     For heat transfer fluids and cleaning fluids
  •     Personalised base part colour possible for orders of 50 units or more
  •     Ergonomic design and top quality·        
  •     4.2 Bar at 50Hz
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