Heat Pump Anti-Freezing Valve

Product Code: 78062036
Product Code: 78062036

The antifreeze valve allows the circuit medium to be drained when

its temperature reaches an average value of 3 °C. This prevents ice

forming in the circuit of a system, generally with a heat pump, avoiding potential damage to the machine and to the pipes.

Operating principle

When the temperature of the water in the pipe drops below 3 °C, the obturator of the antifreeze valve opens and drains off the water. The obturator closes when the medium temperature returns to 4 °C.

Antifreeze valve. Threaded 1 M connections (ISO 228-1) (from 1 to 1 1/2). Brass body. Maximum working pressure 10 bar.

Working temperature range 065 °C. Ambient temperature range: -3060 °C. Medium temperature for opening: 3 °C. Medium

temperature for closing: 4 °C.

IMPORTANT When connecting a new heat pump direct to a radiator/underfloor domestic heating circuit it is advisable to ensure the heating circuit is cleaned and flushed to remove all sludge and corrosion debris before the new heat pump is installed.

It is important that all heating systems are flushed and cleaned and the correct inhibiters are added to the system. We recommend


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